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Friday, April 30, 2010

RIP Shezzam Brookby Star

Today has been a truly awful day. We had to put our beautiful baby doll to sleep. We took Brooke for a check up a week ago today and had some blood tests done as she had lost a lot of weight. We thought it was just an age thing - however it turned out she had a tumour in her liver. We planned to just keep a really good eye on her as she was still doing all the things she should be - eating, drinking etc, however yesterday morning she started vomiting bile and blood and it just progressed over the 24 hour period. Her dad held her in his arms while she was put to sleep. Now she is free from the pain and I am sure is happy to be reunited with our beautiful man Nitro. May the two of them run through the fields beyond the Rainbow Bridge happily until such time as we meet them again. We love you Brooke more than you will ever know. RIP my darling Angel.

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