My year in pictures

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Elephant has been Consumed!

Well I am happy to say that not before time I finally managed to hang my Xmas quilt at about 4.30pm yesterday. When I first started this I suddenly was overwhelmed by the amount of work in it. Upon phoning my dearest friend Veronicah to discuss this dilema she simply said to me "What have I told you before - How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!" So with these words of wisdom in tow some months ago I set out on this journey. I am pleased with the result - although of course I can see many things wrong with it - as my darling husband says - no one else but you will notice it! He is quite right and once I had hung it on the wall I realised that all those little things I had agonised over aren't even visible to the human eye when standing and looking at it. Anyway it certainly has created some "spirit of Xmas in the house". I will also post some pictures of our Xmas stuff - not to mention of course the catastrophe last weekend when the real tree we brought decided to fall over and throw water everywhere - not to mention breaking a couple of decorations along the way. Thankfully although precious they were ones I had purchased myself. I am looking forward to a lovely Xmas evening with my family - I am even cooking turkey this year - a first for me. We are going to have a nice relaxed evening together. Historically we have usually done lunch but dinner means that Rodger and Vicki can do their normal breakfast rounds and then be ready to eat again by tea time :) My darling husband is in the wars again - rolled his ankle last night that he did all the damage to earlier in the year and was in the most excruciating pain. We went today and had it looked to and they have plastered it as a precaution until he can see the orthopaedic surgeon on Thursday. I feel so terribly sorry for him - he is not normally a man who shows a lot of emotion but the pain was so bad last night that it took his breath away and he couldn't speak. We will keep our fingers crossed for a positive result on Thursday.
The weather here is particularly bleak at the moment as it is around the country. I guess the farmers will be pleased.
I was so saddened today to have Mum tell me that a neighbours Huntaway was mauled by two pitbulls and had to be put down. I can't even begin to imagine that happening to our boy. It is something that is always in my mind when I take him walking. I really don't know why those vicious animals aren't outlawed. I do realise that some of them are probably fine but the majority are fierce predators. I just don't see how owning a dog like that can bring you happiness.
We went on a dog walk yesterday in the rain with Onyx with one of the local vets and donated toys which they will deliver to children in hospital on Xmas day.
I wish you and your families a blessed Xmas and a safe and happy New Year.
Take care my dear friends and live happily.