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Sunday, April 4, 2010


Happy Easter everyone. I hope you are having a fun filled long weekend - with lots of chocolate:). I have managed to get the next three of my blocks completed with the hand embellishing which I told myself I needed to to before I started on Block 5. I am really pleased with how they are turning out, however the "Letter to Santa" on block 2 has caused me some grief to say the least and I have given in and am going to buy a fabric pen and write instead of trying to embroider the lettering - this hasn't been completed yet. We have had a nice weekend so far, I had a nice time catching up with a friend from Auckland on Friday afternoon and then yesterday we went for a drive in the Z3 for the day to catch up with some more friends and family. Today a friend is having a family celebration for her 60th birthday which starts at lunchtime and lasts until we decide we have had enough. With the change in daylight savings time I was wide awake at 6am so got up and did the salads and things I needed to. I have walked my baby girl and an now about to embark on Block 5. I hope the rest of Easter weekend treats you all well. Take care. Loreen

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