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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Keiths new name is "Crash"

Well last weekend was supposed to be a nice trip up to Coromandel - Keith riding up with Mt Motorcycles and me meeting them up there in the car. Friday night was shocking here - Thunder and Lightning and torrential rain. It had eased off Saturday morning but I felt uneasy about Keith riding and asked him to come up in the car with me - not a chance! The guys went up through Whangamata, Whitianga and then across to Coromandel. Keith phoned about 11 just as I was leaving and said it was beautiful weather up where they were. Great :). However upon my arrival at Coromandel I found a very sore, worried looking Keith sitting having a cup of tea. He had failed to take a corner on the bike. So back down to Thames hospital we went, returning 6 hours later with Keith in a cast from wrist to elbow & a bandaged ankle - luckily no break just tendon damage. Long story short he has now had the plaster changed to a half one by our own doctor as apparently both breaks are down near his wrist so no need for the full cast, and now we are just trying to work through the logistics of him getting to work as he can't drive - well he can physically but isn't covered by insurance if he does! Oh well it was nice to catch up with Rosalie and John in Coromandel - and the crew from Mt Motorcycles said they had a lovely meal on Saturday night - we had a burger at about 7.30 from a takeaway shop in Thames - not a lot of choice in that town on a Saturday night. Roll on the next ride :) Looking at the photo of the bike it is hard to tell there is any damage, he wiped off the front screen, mirrors & indicators - except for the front right hand side one, and has scratched the paintwork. It will be interesting to see what the assessor has to say. Happy days.

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