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Monday, October 25, 2010


I have had a lovely long weekend. We had our dear friend Veronicah visit for a couple of nights which is always great. Didn't get a lot of quilting done but there were important things like Christmas shopping (good grief it is only two months away) and Halloween to get ready for. Before she left today we got my things out and decorated the house for Halloween, I hope I get some trick or treaters this year - last year we didn't get any. I am just about finished another little Halloween wall hanging so hopefully it will be done in time too! Only the binding left to go so I really should get my act together instead of contemplating an afternoon siesta. My final block for my Xmas quilt has arrived so I am looking forward to getting on with that. My friend Veronicah was working on an Anzac banner for symposium which I think is just gorgeous. If you want to see it in progress you can check out her blog:
Here are some pictures of my Halloween stuff. Enjoy.

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